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Standup TopicsHow to create and configure a standup

When you first signup for StandupWizard, we will walk you through the standup creation process. Both the initial standup creation and all future standups you create will follow the same general layout and can be broken down into 3 sections:

General settings

This is the first section of the standup creation process and is where you define some basic information about your standup such as the name, which Slack channel reports will be posted in, and who will participate in the standup.

General section

Schedule settings

This section is for everything surrounding your standup's schedule. You choose which days of the week participants will be reminded and at what time. There are also additional (optional) settings around timezones, reporting time limits, and report editing.

  • For more information on how to leverage timezones, click here
  • For more information on how to limit reporting time, click here
  • For more information on how to configure report editing, click here

Schedule section

Question settings

The final section relates to the questions that participants will be asked on each report and if they have the ability to tag other users in their reports.

  • For more information on question customization, click here
  • For more information on how to configure report tagging, click here

Question section

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